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Hello there Arkadia fans! I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to this site and thank you for taking the time to stop by. Whether you know Arkadia all ready or your a die hard fan or you don't have a clue, I am your guide to Arkadia.

Well another day another show. Just recently I had the pleasure of watching Arkadia perfrom at the Olive and Grape festival in Regina. They were good for the most part and very passionate as always. But a very valuable lesson to those who noticed was learned that day. No matter how bad things may be going (i.e. like with a sound guy that doesn't show up for sound check) don't let it show in your performance. You need to plaster that happy face on and keep it on.

Pictures and such from the event will be posted very soon!!

The next on the event list for Arkadia the Fan is an interview with George Dimas. Hopefully some information about when the new cd will finally be done will be squeezed out of him.

Well that's it for now.I hope you enjoy this website and find it very useful in keeping tabs on Arkadia. I want this to be a regular stop for you to see the ever changing content and to keep up to date on the best Greek band in Canada!

Please if you have any ideas comments or suggestions you would like to make feel free to contact me by email.

The Relauch is complete, surf by often!


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