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Canada's heartland does not exactly conjure up images of stunning Mediterranean beaches or historic Greek landscapes. But if Arkadia has it their way, there will soon be Greek soundscapes emanating from the flatlands and soaring across the endless prairie skies to the rest of the world.

Arkadia evolved from the house band that performs at the Greek Pavilion during Regina's Mosaic, an annual 3-day multicultural festival. Their passion for Greek songs inspired them to take their music to the next level - the creation and recording of their first CD, entitled "H Gefura / The Bridge". Since all members of Arkadia are from Canada, "The Bridge" symbolizes the link between Greek and Canadian cultures.

Arkadia's songs are written by Stephan Lentzos, who put on his Greek fisherman's cap, but continued to wear his pop influences on his sleeve. The result is a unique combination of Greek lyrics and contemporary Greek genres, played with a pop sensibility.

Arkadia's members - whose musical backgrounds range from classical and jazz to rock and Broadway - bring the songs to life with incredible playing, lush harmonies and striking vocals.

The lyrics are Greek, and so are the genres, but there is a familiarity to the music that makes it universal.

Arkadia believes they are on to something. We hope you do too.

Arkadia Fact Sheet: Arkadia was formed in 1997.
They are one of the only bands in North America that write and record original Greek music.
The band plays contemporary Greek music with a North American pop vibe. Arkadia features both male and female lead vocalists.
They have performed at numerous festivals throughout Saskatchewan, including Regina's "Mosaic", Moose Jaw's "Motif" and Saskatoon's "FolkFest".
In April, 1999, Arkadia completed their first independent release entitled "H Gefura / The Bridge" at Touchwood Studios in Regina, with Kevin Churko engineering, mixing and producing.
The CD consists of 7 original songs written by Stephan Lentzos.
The CD also includes 2 of the band's favorite cover songs from Greece.
The Bridge CD has received airplay on Radio One in Athens, Greece, CBC Radio in Canada, CJSW in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Galaxias Greek Radio in Sydney, Australia.

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