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Here is where you the fans can express your self. As well from time to time I will write my views here and I will ask band members pointed questions about themselves and the band, posting their answers here. Hope you Enjoy!

The first posting will be a question I posed to band member Stephan Lentzos. What does music mean to you? Here is his repsonse to that question......

"Music means everything to me, and I love all types of music, from rock to pop to Jazz to Classical, of course Greek, which believe it or not, I only discovered within the last 4 years...I guess as a musician, I can find something good, some new idea in almost any song, even songs by artists or in genres that I really don't relate to...for example, the honesty or sweet melancholy of a TRUE country song (ie. Hank Williams or Johhny Cash) or the driving force of a Metallica song. I don't know if I've heard anything sweeter in my life than Bach's Air on a G String or Palachabel's Canon, and those works are 300 years old! Even in some of the most mundane of the bubble-gum crap on the radio today, at least the songs have melody...I am a sucker for melody and passion in needs to be grand for me. Maybe that's why I'm such a HUGE U2 fan. Some may see them as - uhmm - a bit over the top, but even their harshest critic cannot deny that they walk the walk - they put out every time they release an album, and unlike many bands, they are not afraid to push the envelope. Every band can only learn from the passion of these guys. Don't want to get into this here, but they opened the door for everyone from REM to Smashing Pumpkins, sort of the quasi-alternative thing - yet they rarely get acknowledged for it. And I can appreciate the unmatched musicianship of a band like Rush or Led Zeppelin or the Beatles or Carlos Santana or the lyrics of a genius like Sting or Richard Ashcroft or the soulful passion of a Mike Peters or a Miles Davis...these are the kinds of people I feel close to musically. To me, music is like a soundtrack to life, certain songs always take me back to a good or bad place. I would hope that as a songwriter, I can take people on a journey and hopefully, they can hear a song like Mia Nichta or Paraxeno one day and it will remind them of a happy time."

Stephan Lentzos